All classes are taught by professional preschool dance teachers who’ve earned an accredited BA or BFA in Dance. All Astoria Preschool Dance teachers receive training in Astoria Preschool Dance’s curriculum as well a specialized training in teaching the pre-school aged child. We are currently offering the following classes:

Pre-Steps/Baby Steps II

Pre-Steps is a dance class for our youngest students. It is a parent/caregiver & child class where parents remain with their child, assisting and encouraging them throughout the class.

Pre-Steps students will stretch, dance and sing in a variety of movement activities including obstacle courses, instrument play, and parachute play.

Age:  20 months-3 years with a caregiver

First Steps

First Steps is an early introductory class to basic ballet, tap, and creative movement. Along with their basic dance steps, students in this class are learning how to listen, follow directions, and be part of a class. First Steps students enjoy creative play in learning to dance.

Starting age: 2 1/2-3 years

Second Steps

Second Steps is a beginning dance class in basic ballet, tap, and creative movement where students increase their technical awareness through imagery. Second Step students enjoy learning to coordinate steps and expressive movements. The Second Steps class also includes tumbling and a variety of dance games.

Starting age: 3 1/2-4 years

Third Steps

Third Steps is an intermediate children’s dance class in ballet, tap and creative movement. Students increase their dance technique through individual instruction and skill-related games.

Third Steps students tackle multi-sequenced steps and learn about performing for an audience.

Age: Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten

Superhero Class

The Superhero class is Astoria Preschool Dance’s newest class. It is a beginning dance class for boys and girls ages 3 – Kindergarten. Superhero class includes beginning dance steps, creative movement, tap, and tumbling. Students in the Superhero class enjoy flying like Superheroes, creative movement exercises and a variety of dance games.

Ages: 3 years-Kindergarten